Friday, December 4, 2009

"Resticky" your Cricut mat.

I know there are ideas everywhere about how to recondition your Cricut mat.  There are a ton of ideas, but I want to share what has worked for me.  I use the Zig 2-way glue.  It comes in different sizes from a pen, to the one that I use that is almost an inch wide.  First you clean your mat with dish liquid, water and a sponge. I Dry it with a non-shedding cloth and lay it out to dry for about an hour.  (it can be shorter if you just can't wait)  Then I lay the glue on, completely covering the sticky part of the mat.  Be careful not to get it out on the non-sticky part.  It will gum up your rollers.  Let it sit overnight, uncovered.  In the morning you will be ready to go.  I love this stuff!  When you use it, it actually holds the paper better than the original adhesive and lasts longer, plus I think it releases easier.  I have torn many sheets of paper trying to get them off the mat, but with this glue, it sticks when you want it to, but it releases when you pull.

I have been using the same 2 mats for a year and I use my cricut every day for a few hours most days.  I finally have to retire one because it is warped from going through the machine so many times!  This stuff really works.  As always, do your research to decide if this is the method for you, understanding how it affects your warranty.  Hope this helps you get a lot more use out of your mats!

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