Monday, September 26, 2011

M's Lego Bithday Party

We have been planning this party for a few months with the help of pinterest.  Now, to show you how all the planning and hard work actually present!  My beautiful sister, Christa was such a lifesaver with pulling it all together, and friends, Katrina and Kim helped a LOT during the party.  Thank you also to my parents, Aunt Kathy and Grandma for helping with the my babies, Mason and LissaBelle.

First, when the kids came in, I had them sit down and color in coloring books I made.  I used pictures I found online and the puzzle maker at the discovery website.  I gave them normal crayons and also ones that I made using lego ice molds.  I started off melting the crayon wax down in a double boiler, and I got nice, even color that way.  Those I used for the gift bags.  For the party crayons, I used busted up crayons and put them right in the silicone mold and baked at 250 for about 7 minutes, until melted.
These are the crayons and some candy blocks I  found at the bulk food store.  Notice that I labeled what is for eating and what is not.  I also made minifigure shaped chocolates, so I wanted to make sure there was no confusion!

The birthday boy and his buddy :)

These are the fondant covered cupcakes Mike and I made.

Check out these neat pictures.  The center picture is just pixelized, but the other 2 were turned into lego images using the lego picture app available for i devices.  Thank you to my sister :)
Above Michael's picture there is a legoman hiding.  We did a find the legoman game.  I had 9 cut out and hid, and the kiddos raced to find them.  You also see tall glassed filled with sorted legos.  They really looked cool.

Michael made his name out of legos for the cake table.

Gift bags made to look like legos using pop up adhesive and circles.  Along the front are baby food jars sprayed yellow.  The kids used the chart of faces to get ideas and drew faces on their jars.

I used bubble wrap painted green as a table runner to simulate a lego baseplate.
We also had a jar of the candy legos for the kids to try to guess how many.  It held 277 legos, and the closest guess was 200.

We used a blocks on a duplo table to make bowls and after lining them, served chips from them.
The sign is made using the legorama everywhere font.  The cookies are round and frosted with matching m&m's in the lego dot pattern.
I spray painted the trays green to match the decor and covered them with plastic wrap to serve on them.
The card is my invitation.

Personalized water wraps.  Font is lego thick.  I only served water to drink, but I had many flavors of the single serve drink mixes, for the guests to add.

Waiting patiently to hear the rules of our first game.

Find the legoman!!

Use your listening ears, kiddos!
I made legos for decorating out of card stock  and pop-dots.  I also made a big, red one out of wrapping paper for a photo backdrop.

Mike attempted to stand the legoman chocolate minifigures to the cupcakes.  A few of them chose to lay down for a nap.

I made shirts for all 3 of my kids.  I simply cut a legoman stencil out of freezer paper on my cricut (thank you SCAL) and ironed it on and painted.  Lissie had a perfectly matching skirt, YAY!

Isn't my princess pretty?

See the birthday boy's shirt?  On the back it says Michael, with a big 8 underneath.
Notice the lego paramedic poster behind the kids.  We used that for pin the smile on the legoman.  Since we had the party at the fire station, that particular legoman seemed perfect.

lego head balloon volleyball.  Mike made me the poles for a party I threw for the 1st grade last year, and they are so sturdy, I'll be using them for a long time.

Mike drilled holes in a bunch of legos and the kids strung them along with beads to make necklaces and bracelets.

Michael sporting his lego necklace.  I took pictures of each of the kids to "legoize."  We will use them like postcards for thank you notes.

Lego chocolates.

Legoman pops.  I used mostly roasting marshmallows with half a mini marshmallow  on top.  I dipped them in chocolate and drew faces with frosting.  I tried the edible markers but they would not write on the marshmallows.

Mason, my middle child sneaking a couple cookies.  He is also wearing a legoman shirt.

These were in their treat bags, along with their coloring books and any prizes they won during the game.

There are more pics to follow...A neat idea for a "guest book", my pinata, pin the smile on legoman and my invites.  Stay tuned!

Monday, February 28, 2011

I had fun making Valentines for my family this year, though I was a little rushed for time.
This is Mike's.  I glued on the hearts first and then ran the cuttlebug over the cardfront.

This is my Mason's card.  I got this great cut file from Bird's Blog to make the heart.  I added an extra layer for the Kraft stock.
 This is Michael's.  I used the same pp that he chose for his Valentine box.  I see I lost one of the rhinestones before I got it photographed.  : )
 And last is one of the thank you notes Mason and I made for his birthday.  We just finished them up a few days ago, a month after his party, but I think my family will understand.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine girl's night

This was My first girl's night since November.  I was so excited to get back to it!  We had a wonderful dinner of chicken and salad and made some great cards and other stuff!  Here are 2 of the cards...

On the butterfly card, the gems are colored with alcohol markers to give them the right color.  The embossing is actually debossing and the butterfly is made from 2 hearts.

My sweet baby's tutu!

This is the tutu I made for Miss LissaBelle.  It's so fluffy and pink!  This is where I found the tutorial.  I made a matching one for her cousin, too!

Valentine boxes

These are the valentine boxes Michael and I made together.  I made the one for Mrs Ruth and he made his.  We used this great file from and the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge.  TFL!