Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lissie's room is DONE!!

LissaBelle's room is complete!  My dear sister came this weekend to help me get it done.  Thank goodness for her, because I would have never finished without her help.  I had grandiose visions of a cottage garden.  The trick was transforming that into something we could put on the wall.  To do that we used paint, paper, lots of glue and plain old hard work.  Here are the pics.
First is a pic of Mason in what used to be his room.  The "Before"
 And "AFTER"  We hand drew and painted the tree.  The picket fence was stenciled using an scut. file we created.  The flowers and leaves are made from patterned paper, also cut on the cricut.  We layered the flowers and used dimesional adhesive on some.
 Another view with the (mommy made) curtains open.  Lissa's room opens onto a sleeping porch.  We attached all of the pp to the wall using the zig 2 way glue.  So far it seems to be sticking well, but still removable.  If I need to , we will try some other adhesives.
 The opposite side of the room. LissaBelle's crib and dresser are surrounded by patterned paper butterflies.  On the changing pad are a few more butterflies left to go up.  They are beautiful and sparkly.  We found them at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas ornament section.  I will attach them with my hot glue gun as they are a bit heavy, but I am waiting to get it back from a friend.
 One more view of our tree.
 I carved hubby's and my initials into the tree trunk.
 Where the tree goes up onto the ceiling
 fence and flowers
 Lissa's crib with her quilt and boppy pillow I made.  I didn't make a crib skirt because the one I made for Mason didn't fit his crib right, but I think it would fit here.  I may have to make one.
 Her name on the wall above her crib.


jhtpa said...

The baby's room is absolutely gorgeous. You are so incredibly talented. What a wonderful and beautiful room for Lissie.

Monica said...

Hi Jenn,

So glad to hear from you at last... the room looks wonderful with such lovely colours. I love the tree and it's branches as well as the flowers and butterflies.

Your quilt looks perfect just as everything else.

All the very best,