Sunday, April 4, 2010

Gerbera Daisy

Hi, for girl's night last week, I was totally stumped.  I finally saw some of the daisy pictures on the Paper, scissors, ink site, and was inspired.  Her scut files were down, so I wrote my own.  I hope you enjoy.  Click here to download the file.  Remember, to use this you go to open, file, NOT import svg!  I would add a Sentiment in the lower, right hand corner.  I chose to leave this blank to stamp later, so I could use it for any occasion.

And thank you to the wonderful ladies for including me and sharing their awesome ideas!
Directions for flowers:
Run the stylus down the center of each petal on the biggest 4 flowers from center to tip.  This curves them up and gives them a little shape.  Curly the petals on the inner 4 flowers around a toothpick to curl them to the center.  Some of the ladies left these a little more flat and they looked great too, but I really like the Gerbera look, so I did mine like this.    Find what works for you!


Alison said...

I LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fabulous flower!!!!!!!!!!!

Marlene said...

This is fantastic!

Mary G. said...

Wow! This is beautiful! I'm going to have to try one of these flowers!! Beautifully done! TFS!

Anonymous said...

I love it but am unable 2 download it can you send the file 2 my e-mail. Thanks